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Are you really still Catholic if you were baptized?

Say, for example, oh, I dunno, you were a hard-polytheistic Pagan who never made confirmation, hasn’t been to Mass in several years (sans funerals), didn’t follow any teachings in the Bible (sans thou shalt not kill), didn’t believe Jesus was the son of Yaweh (or even anything special).

Is it safe to say you’re not a Catholic? Or are you always going to be considered Catholic just because you were baptized as a baby?

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  1. reverendgaddy answered: Well, according to THEM you are. But I think their moral authority is slightly tarnished, don’t you?
  2. derpy-giraffe answered: not 100% but i think if u didn’t do confirmation and u haven’t had communion in a year u’re free of the church (plus it’s a self label thing)
  3. kalianah13 answered: It doesn’t matter really. does it? You came from there, If you’re happy with what you believe, does it matter?
  4. traditionalwitch answered: As far as the Catholic church is concerned you are Catholic but if you practice otherwise you can not claim catholic and be pagan
  5. maggiemccabe answered: Your religion is only what you class yourself. The minute you stop believing, no matter what, you are no longer in that religion.
  6. magickalinclinations answered: I’m pretty 100% positive that you’re what ever religion you observe… If you don’t believe in Catholicism, you’re not Catholic.
  7. sass-raptor answered: Catholics will always consider you to be catholic (if you have been baptised/comfirmed) unless you are excommunicated.
  8. reverendgaddy answered: I’m a recovering Catholic. LOL!
  9. ufo-club answered: religion and faith is in your heart. it doesn’t run my family, rituals, or anything else besides you.
  10. noxiousb answered: You are only as much as you wish to be.
  11. ohdysseus answered: You may still be a legitimate member of the church, but you are certainly no Catholic.
  12. seven-wolves answered: No, if you don’t believe that baptism means anything why would you believe that it makes you Catholic?
  13. damnsmallworld answered: Only if I wear a shirt that says,”I was baptised by the Catholic church and all I got was this shirt”. You are what you practice. My opinion.
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    Religion is a choice. Sacraments are only ways to reinforce your sense of belonging to it. You’re what you profess and...
  15. nordenvind answered: Religion is a choice.Sacraments are only ways to reinforce your sense of belonging to it.You’re what you profess and believe,baptised or not
  16. annmarcaida answered: We are free to choose our own religious/spiritual labels.
  17. ice-queen-symphony answered: yay :)
  18. slightmayhem answered: I’m in the same boat- baptized as a baby, but not practicing. my question is- if you don’t believe, why does it matter if they count you?
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    Yeah, I’m a pagan too and I was baptized but fuck naw I ain’t a Catholic… just had some water dumped on my head as a...
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    I’d agree. Religion is really a choice for the person who practices it (me and another friend were actually talking...
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    No. You’re not catholic.
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